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Monique Wittig published Les Guerilleres in 1969, at a time when the whole world seemed on the brink of revolutionary change. It is the story of a successful feminist war against patriarchy. It was one of the most widely read feminist texts of the twentieth century both dated and ahead of its time. We include our own introduction and explanation at the beginning of the recording, you can read it here.

“They say, hell, let the earth become a vast hell. So they speak crying
and shouting. They say, let my words be like the tempest the thunder
the lightning that the mighty release from their height. They say, let
me be seen everywhere arms in hand. They say anger hate revolt. They
say, hell, let the earth become a vast hell destroying killing and setting
fire to the buildings of men, to theatres national assemblies to museums
libraries prisons psychiatric hospitals old and new from which
they free the slaves.”

Music – Ruth Crawford-Seeger – String Quartet (1931)