N30: The Seattle WTO Protests – AudioZine


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With the sub-title “The Seattle WTO Protests: A memoir and analysis, with an eye to the future,” N30 is an excellent overview by Crimethinc of the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO). For better or worst, the Seattle WTO was one of the pivotal moments in recent anarchist history in the U.S. The zine combines an exciting personal account of the protests with a somewhat more academic—but nevertheless interesting—analysis of the protest from the RAND Corporation. It ends with a afterward written 7 years later by crimethInc. Very long and very detailed!

Musical Interludes:

Infernal Noise Brigade – L’Etincelle, Ja Helo, Hamaq

¡TchKung! – Smash Things Up, Hall of the Khan, Gone to Croatan, Feral

We also used protest sounds from the movie Breaking the Spell, an excellent documentary about the WTO protests in Seattle also made by CrimethInc.