The Unquiet Dead Ch 6

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The Unquiet Dead: Anarchism, Fascism, and Mythology – Chapter 6 Mythologies – MP3ReadPrint Archive Torrent YouTube

Chapter 6 discusses Barthes’ critique of Leftist mythologies; Marx’s critique of mythology and a critique of Marx’s mythology; elements of fascist mythology; various kinds of speculative fiction, and its advantages and disadvantages around imagining towards liberation.The full text is available at; we will be posting recordings of other chapters in the future.

“There are many forces striving to hold our world together—the impulse to gain power and control over others, to have more resources than others, to have respect and admiration, to somehow feel happy within this fraught context. In the heat of this constant push of competition for success, it can be a liberatory gesture simply to refuse to try to succeed: to fall apart: to disintegrate. Furthermore, if you oppose huge social structures, your task can feel daunting—there is no way to force them to collapse. However, you can encourage them to disintegrate through a change in belief. To do nothing to challenge the future is to choose to support it.”

Resonance has recorded a full version of Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions by Larry Mitchell which is quoted at length in this chapter.

Musical Interludes: Gustav Holst – The Planets – Mars, the Bringer of War, Ludwig Van Beethoven – Symphony No. 6, Op.68 – 2nd Movement