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Originally published in December 2014, this piece investigates the cross- influence between fascism and radical environmentalism. Beginning in Germany in the early 20th century, we see how green utopian tendencies were incorporated into the Nazi party and how reactionary versions of environmentalism continue to influence today’s radical counter-cultures and political movements as well as how a radical populism is being used by silicone valley ideologues to develop a framework for a technocratic dystopia.

“We are still living with the same crisis. Meaning has yet to be restored. Around the world a new movement is emerging.

Across the globe, a reactionary wave has presented itself as the answer to the question posed six years ago. In Greece, Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela, Russia, and Italy, neofascist parties have reemerged in the form of militant street-level uprisings. In the United States, fascist influences have begun to permeate the cultural, artistic, technological, and deep ecology movements.

In particular, the strong historical precedence of fascist influence on the legacy of ecological movements illuminates a need to take this situation seriously.”

Music by the UK antifascist band Crisis, whose members Tony Wakeford and Douglas Pearce went on to form the cryptofascist neo-folk band Death in June. Wakeford also joined the fascist British National Front. The band can be seen as a case study for how radicals can turn to fascism.


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