Final Statement of Willem Van Spronsen – AudioZine

Final Statement by Willem Van Spronsen – MP3ReadArchiveTorrentYouTube

On July 13, 2019, Willem Van Spronsen was killed by police while
attacking transportation infrastructure for the Northwest Detention
Center in Tacoma
, WA.

The Northwest Detention Center can hold over 1,500 people, making it the
largest immigration prison on the west coast, and one of the largest
immigrant detention facilities in the country.

Willem was a long-time activist, anarchist, anti-fascist, musician and
father. In a memorial posted to Puget sound anarchists, his comrades
wrote: “We are grief stricken, inspired and enraged by what occurred
early this morning… Will gave his life fighting ICE. we may never know
what specifically was going through his head in the last hours of his
life but we know that the NWDC must be destroyed and the prisoners must
be freed. We do not need heroes, only friends and comrades. Will was
simply a human being, and we wish that he was still with us. It’s
doubtless that the cops and the media will attempt to paint him as some
sort of monster, but in reality he was a comrade who fought for many
years for what he believed in and this morning he was killed doing what
he loved; fighting for a better world.”  

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Nativism and the Foundations of US Xenophobia


30:59 – Nativism and the Foundations of US Xenophobia: An Old Doctrine of Hatred and Bigotry Reemerges – by CrimethInc. – MP3ReadArchiveTorrentYouTube

CrimethInc. released this essay to counter the jingoism of Independence Day in the US; it explores an alternate framework for understanding anti-immigrant sentiments in the US.

“Some have debated whether we should view the groundswell of support for Donald Trump through the lens of white supremacy or fascism, but we can also understand it through the framework of nativism, the doctrine of prioritizing the interests of the native-born over those of immigrants. Nativism has a long and ugly history in the United States, in which the ascendency of Donald Trump and his supporters is just the latest chapter. Here… we study nativism from its origins to the current day, tracing the common threads that connect all the ways the rich have preyed on the fears and prejudices of the exploited to turn them against those worse off than themselves.”

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